The Biotech Mission

Assure biomedical technology works to support the life and health of your patients.  

Who BioTech Is

BioTech Services, Inc. is a biomedical equipment services company headquartered in
Edgerton, Wisconsin.  We provide biomedical technology management services to healthcare
facilities.  This includes equipment repair, preventive maintenance, and data management.

We establish a relationship between our customers and our technical staff and provide them
with the service management tools, training, and resources they need to provide outstanding
customer service.

We work with your facility in a flexible manner to ensure the biomedical technology
management program is designed and implemented to meet your objectives.  We begin with
your needs in mind, creating an efficient and safe healthcare experience for your patients.

BioTech provides service for most healthcare equipment.  We do more than service medical
equipment; we provide our customers with a program designed to meet their clinical and
regulatory needs.

BioTech’s biomedical technology service includes patient-based technology:

●        Cardio-Pulmonary Therapy
●        General Biomedical
●        Laboratory
●        Patient Monitoring
●        Physical Therapy
●        Refrigeration
●        Surgical
●        Specialty Equipment
●        Sterilization

We use continuous improvement processes to better serve our customers through managing
costs, and improving quality, helping to ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety.  
BioTech believes in making a difference for those we serve; our customers, and more
importantly, your patients.

 The BioTech Difference

Focusing on one type of service allows BioTech to provide service excelling in quality, while
keeping cost to a minimum.  Our efforts throughout the customer relationship experience create
a healthcare partnership.

We offer flexibility in customizing programs which best meet your needs.  Our biomedical
engineering programs are customer-centered with emphasis placed on structuring a program
that has long lasting value to you.  We consult with you seeking to understand your issues and
challenges, to customize a program that is best for your environment and situation.
About BioTech